Quidditch Themed Harry Potter Birthday Party | Gotha, FL

A wand in the hand is worth two mischievous friends on brooms in the bush. And when you’re surrounded by flying friends on broomsticks, you probably can’t imagine a better birthday than the one you got to play Quidditch. We began with a field full of wand-waving boys (and one girl), then proceeded to a Sorting Hat ceremony lead by my dapper McGonagall, where first years were blind-hatted, given a wand and set forth to allow pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey-style fate to determine which Hogwarts house they belonged in. Teams were then set according to Houses and kid-adjusted Muggle Quidditch rules were given. Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff… it was a rousing game! And Gryffindor won! A warm Great Hall welcome followed with an indoor firepit*, marshmallow roast and Snitch-and-Sorting-Hat cupcakes. *No brooms were burned in the enjoyment of marshmallows.

Magically delicious credit to Carinda of Heaven A Cupcake for these magical makes everyone loved, including the rosemary sprig topper, which added a delightful Christmassy flavor and scent to the sweetness.

Quidditch Harry Potter Party

“Mommy can I have a full bodied stag Patronus for my birthday?” YES YOU CAN!Harry Potter Birthday Party

Happy 7th Year, Son!


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