Back to the Future Themed Engagement

“Great Scott!” said Nicole when she first saw him dressed as a scient– I mean, a blacksmith from 1885. This styled shoot began, honestly, because I wanted to see these two climb on the outside of a steam locomotive. And how! Back to the Future is one of my all time favorite science fiction stories. No one’s ever style a photo shoot in this theme quite like this before, so this had to be done. The scientific-romantic relationship between Doc Brown and Clara Clayton is one of my favorite things about the BTTF trilogy, second to challenging myself to think fourth dimensionally. Watching the movie one day, I considered how fantastic it would be to re-create shots and scenes from the movie in which a portrait couple might express themselves and go on their own wild west adventure for an engagement session. Scott and Nicole were amazing and totally into it. We had so much fun, littering the set with movie lines and some pretty fair stunts to boot. I think that hover board shot may be one of my crowning achievements.

If you’re a camera shy nerd, but a fantasy adventure sounds exciting, a styled session like this is for you! My goal with this project is to encourage the authenticity of relationships through adventure, and to promote something different and more fun and expressive in portraiture. As engagement portraits go, no it’s not traditional… it’s epic. And the whole experience sure is much more than just taking photos.

Don’t worry, this train was not on real train tracks, this is a railroad museum. I do not promote photography on real train tracks as train danger is real; I always dissuade my clients and models from uncontrolled train situations. Vendor credits below.

BttF-0001 BttF-0004 BttF-0006 BttF-0007 BttF-0008 BttF-0009 BttF-0010 BttF-0011 BttF-0013 BttF-0015 BttF-0016 BttF-0017 BttF-0018 BttF-0019 BttF-0020 BttF-0021 BttF-0022 BttF-0023 BttF-0024 BttF-0025 BttF-0026 BttF-0027 BttF-0028 BttF-0029 BttF-0030 BttF-0030a BttF-0031 BttF-0034 BttF-0035 BttF-0036 BttF-0037 BttF-0038 BttF-0039 BttF-0040 BttF-0041 BttF-0042 BttF-0043 BttF-0045 BttF-0046 BttF-0047 BttF-0048 BttF-0049 BttF-0050 BttF-0053 BttF-0056 BttF-0057 BttF-0058 BttF-0059 BttF-0060 BttF-0061 BttF-0062 BttF-0063 BttF-0064 BttF-0065 BttF-0066 BttF-0067 BttF-0068 BttF-0069 BttF-0070 BttF-0071 BttF-0072 BttF-0073 BttF-0074 BttF-0075 BttF-0076 Back to the Future Engagement

Venue: Musuem of Transportation, St. Louis, MO

Scott’s attire: The Vintage Haberdashery

Nicole’s attire: Victorian

Hair/Makeup: Elegance Salon, MaRissa Ward

Floral: Flowers and Weeds

Art Direction: Amanda Kar

KC Union Station Retro Train Portrait Typewriter CameraManda Marie Kar

Photojournalist | Thematic Designer


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