Midnight Audrey Retrofantasy Navy Formal Gown

Midnight Audrey was a pivotal point in my gown making abilities. It’s the one that shifted me from veils and capes to entire wedding-worthy formal gowns. Always having adored the perfect marriage of Audrey Hepburn’s personal style with her usual designer, Givenchy, I had to give a retro nod to all of her Audreyness by creating something inspired by her. This navy version inspired by the white dress she wore in Sabrina has its own lovely personality. After these product portraits, see a little of the making of Midnight Audrey followed by the Etsy link where you can purchase this gown. This is a one-and-only!

My model Megan is such a charming mini-Audrey. She’s a dancer and aerialist, and does fashion and photo modeling on the side.

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The Making of Midnight Audrey

This gown began simply as a classic one-shouldered, below-the-knee pencil dress with some angular shaping. My vision was to transform it into a 1950’s style ball gown with the added versatility of having a removable belt and waist cape. One of my favorite 1950’s gowns, of course, is the one Audrey Hepburn wore in Sabrina.

Loosely designing based on Givenchy’s original, I incorporated similarities in the belt design, the layering of the skirt (a creation entirely my own), floral motif placement and general silhouette of the Sabrina gown. Volume was created by a series of pleats and a filling of quinceañera ruffles. The same ruffle also shows through at the hem.  Layers of organza and tulle create the basic shape of the skirt.  This stuff is like working with jellyfish!  Belt embellishment. The belt is designed to be worn with or without the waist cape, as the cape attaches via hooks along the inside of the belt. Easy on and off, depending on your mood. Shoulder embellishments were done in my favorite embroidered lace, in silver. This fabric is so pretty, and works for so many gorgeous designs. It truly is an art to piece this together. I’m convinced there are endless ways to arrange these. Each embroidered motif was cut away from its tulle base and hand-stitched onto the dress in a design giving organic movement to their arrangement. Same for skirt motifs as well.


Midnight Audrey is now available for purchase on Etsy! If you’re a petite person looking for something classic and truly unique with a little nod to vintage-inspired style, do check this out.

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