Michael Jackson Themed Birthday Party

The day my son Moonwalked across my heart was the day he told me Smooth Criminal and Shake Your Body were his favorite songs. You expose your kid to stuff you love… sometimes they move on from it. But sometimes they run with it, making a double helix of connection because you both see a wavelength out to its most epic degree. When your kid wants a Michael Jackson birthday party, you’re probably going to go all out like I did on this one. I mean seriously, that’s just too cool for mainstream. We had 70’s MJ through late MJ playing all day in two rooms, a handmade rocket ride (his favorite part of the Leave Me Alone video) and the most awesome killer Thriller cupcakes you’ve ever seen. He danced and spun and Moonwalked pretty much all day.

As he came into the window… was the sound of… a crescendo…

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  • Antora says:

    This is just so awesome . Like reading a complete story through photographs . Lots of love and hugs to Nikhil and his supercool parents . Be like this always .

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the love, Antora! We try less to be supercool parents and more to just create enriching experiences for our son :).

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