Glow In the Dark Birthday Party

A glow in the dark themed birthday party for my son who can’t get enough of things that glow, and that’s hereditary. Planning this, I had my neon seekers on, searching for everything I could find that was black light reactive, doing experiments with light, etc. We made our own confetti by paper-shredding Astrobrights printer paper. We had LED glowing balloons, highlighter face painting, lightsabers and glow sticks to go around. Music from Trolls, Tron and Star Wars played in the background. He requested a Neptune cake — including all its moons — which was so fitting given his love of space and celestial bodies. He loves to bake with me, so we enjoyed making the cake together, from concept sketch to sticking in those Lindt white chocolate moons. Sincerely, a glowing Neptune in the dark was the most magical candle blowing I have ever seen. We had way too much fun with this. I had an excuse to wear my Tron outfit, and I enjoyed making my husband look like a neon sprinkled donut. Now that is an epic birthday.

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