Billion Dollar Healer Marie Autiello

Truly remarkable are photo experiences which see people through spiritual awakening or which initiate causes for humans (and animals), and which assist in mind/body healing. I love that so much and aspire for photography to help more individuals towards realization. I invited Energy Healer Marie Autiello to tell her own story here, highlighted with images we’ve created for her own empowerment, and to promote the healing services she provides through Billion Dollar Healer to empower and heal others.


“It was such a beautiful experience to reunite with these beautiful creatures, the cows again! I will never forget how they saved my soul when I was a child. I was suffering so much abuse, I didn’t know where to turn… the angels brought me to the cows, and the cows to me. They were sanctuary to me. They healed my heart from something that was so horrific that one may have not survived without the cows. The cows healed my heart and soul and lead me to my calling to heal the multiverse.”

Cow Portraits Billion Dollar Healer Marie Autiello Billion Dollar Healer Energy Healer Florida

Special thanks to dairy farm Hammer Time Hollow for cow handling and giving us the opportunity to meet these beauties!

Please visit to learn of energy healing and discover what services Marie provides.

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