Avatar the Last Airbender Birthday Party

Avatar the Last Airbender fans I think are a rare and reverent breed. This Nickelodeon show that aired in the early oughts was ahead of its time, and probably more relevant now than it ever was. My son, turning 9 for this event, quickly got into the saga some years back. Although I complain about how many times he’s watched it over and over, I have to admit it is a great show. Martial arts, connecting with spiritual selves, lashing out the elements to “bend” with superpowers, battles of good and evil, eastern discipline, quirky humor… what’s not to love? It’s a great kids-and-adults series. This no-frills Avatar pandemic party was super small and simple, but we had a great time with it and the kids had so much fun. Appa, yip yip!

Avatar the Last Airbender Cosplay Koh the face stealer! It was so hard not to show emotion to this (my sister in a homemade mask). In-camera stolen face effect! The quick thinker’s guide to Zuko cosplay. Avatar the Last Airbender Cosplay

I love creating effects for cosplay portraiture! Come chat if you’ve got something crazy in mind.

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