Treasure Ace Board Game Design

If you’re wondering why my son is taking a paint brush to that fantastically illustrated treasure map, it’s because he’s designing it. Treasure Ace is a pirate-plunder themed board game my son and I created and designed ourselves, entirely from scratch. It was our summer boredom project. We started with sketches on acetate atop the kitchen table, and it grew from there. I pulled out the map material (gold-backed poster board) I used to create his third birthday treasure hunt. It’s a completely original design, save for some Neverland Pirates inspiration. I have to say a little Goonies and Fireball Island is in there too. This kid is totally channeling eight-year-old me. I had to take advantage of his love for adventure and treasure hunting by encouraging this project. We had to add everything we each love. The names were entirely created by him (he likes to name things, you know that 3-year-old nonsensical stuff). That was hilarious, so we have places like Bappardy Rock and Bomopenado Temple. I have to say the Cliffs of Beineigig is my favorite. The polyhedral dice were a gift from Uncle Jon… put to good use!

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