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Seven kids, two mommies, two daddies, a fun space to play in… and portrait time!

If you’re wondering why my son is taking a paint brush to that fantastically illustrated treasure map, it’s because he’s designing it. Treasure Ace is a pirate-plunder themed board game my son and I created and designed ourselves, entirely from scratch. It was our summer boredom project. We started with sketches on acetate atop the kitchen table, and it grew… […]

The conceptuals for this session began with an elaborate studio-style truffula tree for us to pose baby Elliot atop, among other items in his Dr. Seuss themed room. Also, Elliot’s daddy is a firefighter, so we considered nestling him in boots and gear. Then I decided to make this more personal. I’m not a babies-in-things, prim… […]

Greg and Mary Ann’s daughter reached out to me inquiring to create “engagement style retirement portraits” for her parents as a retirement gift. Yes! Totally yes. I found the concept immediately engaging. Mature life portraiture is not often prioritized or considered much by couples as they age, but it definitely should be. I’m now out to help maturing couples… […]

Upon my decree, children should live a life of adventure. As a parent, I hold two things in very high regard: childhood adventure and authenticity. My son, Nikhil, is an extremely bright and highly tactile little man. When he isn’t accounting (lining up numbers and letters all over my house) and hiding items inside of things just to… […]