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Family portraits, I believe, are the best when families are comfortable enough to be wacky. Which is why I gave up giving any direction to my family years ago, when I realized their best portraits are the zany things they do in front of my camera to try to “mess up” my shots. In celebration of Father’s… […]

Foster parenting isn’t for everyone, but most definitely it is for people with super large hearts. Nathanael and Anna are those people,  and I’m lucky to have been invited to be part of their family dynamic. Not a lot of photographers will honestly tell you they enjoy posing families, but this one will tell you posing isn’t… […]

Olivia’s favorite Muppet is Ernie, so her mother created an Olivia-style Ernie dress just for her, then designed a Muppet themed birthday party to go with it. If you know much about my twin sister and I, you’ll know that we typically don’t carry out an idea unless it’s going to be epic and detailed. When… […]