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The day my son Moonwalked across my heart was the day he told me Smooth Criminal and Shake Your Body were his favorite songs. You expose your kid to stuff you love… sometimes they move on from it. But sometimes they run with it, making a double helix of connection because you both see a wavelength out to its… […]

Happy second birthday, Olivia! This girl is a creative cat, just like her momma (who turned Olivia’s own crayon scribble into a custom-made birthday dress)! Colors, crayons, kids and scribbling was what this party was all about. Covering the tables with scribble-encouraging paper was a hit for everyone! They all got to design their own party hats… […]

Upon my decree, children should live a life of adventure. As a parent, I hold two things in very high regard: childhood adventure and authenticity. My son, Nikhil, is an extremely bright and highly tactile little man. When he isn’t accounting (lining up numbers and letters all over my house) and hiding items inside of things just to… […]