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If you’re wondering why my son is taking a paint brush to that fantastically illustrated treasure map, it’s because he’s designing it. Treasure Ace is a pirate-plunder themed board game my son and I created and designed ourselves, entirely from scratch. It was our summer boredom project. We started with sketches on acetate atop the kitchen table, and it grew… […]

When I host parties, they usually don’t occur without some geeky theme. My dad and sisters were all over this one. Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, The Dig, Curse of Monkey Island… Having grown up on 1990’s Lucas Arts PC games and practically incorporating dialogue and hand made props into our daily childhood,… […]

I have a unique position here in Orlando after my husband’s career brought him to Corporate Disney. With free almost-anytime access to all the parks, my interest in Disney World has shifted from “eh, novelty” to “oo, history!” The effort of production and design details and the history involved with creation are totally captivating me these days. After learning more… […]