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Reach for the stars as the sky is truly the limit for a magical Wizarding World elopement. Dark Arts masters Kelly and Jason wanted something a little less expected on their elopement day, so we explored the mysteries at Borgin and Burkes, fought Dementors in Knockturn Alley, encountered a few mischievous creatures, and sped away… […]

When you love a person this much for all their nerdy and sweet qualities, you just have to let the nerd flag fly on your wedding day. I’ll encourage that! Misha and Wyatt already had a wedding photographer, but they hired me for a single hour of nerd magic portraits to portray each of their… […]

Long walks down haunted avenues, occasional magic, and “spirited” gatherings for Neil and Ashley on their wedding day. When COVID-19 became the unwelcome entity, the oldest [most haunted] city in the nation literally became a ghost town. Yet, they were determined to marry this day, and with a fast-paced unraveling of Coronavirus events, almost all… […]

From the rosy-cool kisses of light edging the tip of sunrise to the gilded glittering horizon just after sun-up… hands down, sunrise on the east coast is one of the most magical events you can see in Florida. I’m so happy Anthony and Krista got to experience it for their engagement session. As the color tones… […]

A unique brew these two! Selena and Ryan are the quintessential perfect mix of sweets and spirits. Their garden wedding was held at Birdsong Barn in Titusville, FL. If you recall their brew themed engagement session, these two are home brewers! The spirit of their hobbies and passions were incorporated into the design of their… […]

Selena and Ryan are home brewers! While that’s certainly spirit enough to bond over, home brewing was just the start of our beer picnic inspired session. But these two share so much more together, and downtown Sanford has so much more than the delightfully quirky Wops Hops Brewery. So we decided to wander and hit places… […]

Vow renewals are my new favorite event. There’s such charm to a seasoned relationship keeping the spark of new love, even if it’s been going strong more than a decade! A wedding celebrates a union; a renewal celebrates growth, commitment and continuing love. And that is something to bring families together and sing about! Selena… […]

Beautiful views ahead for the future of Shonte and Bo as they tied the knot at Sanctuary Ridge Golf Club. With their children as their best men and women at the altar, this wedding day was brimming with tears, sweet moves and family love. Congratulations!