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From the rosy-cool kisses of light edging the tip of sunrise to the gilded glittering horizon just after sun-up… hands down, sunrise on the east coast is one of the most magical events you can see in Florida. I’m so happy Anthony and Krista got to experience it for their engagement session. As the color tones… […]

When it’s 20 degrees outside, a winter engagement session is best done with coffee somewhere in the picture. And we have a lot of it here in pictures. I also discovered that coffee was a binding element in Lauren and Aaron’s relationship, as their first date was over coffee. We met at Kayak’s Coffee near… […]

These two have developed a love beyond their years… so beyond, it took us to WWII era to better express that longing which comes with a long distance relationship, and the beauty of homecoming. Andrew grew up in Kaiserslautern, Germany and is now working toward his pilot’s license. Vanessa grew up in Massachusetts, has an… […]

Vow renewals are my new favorite event. There’s such charm to a seasoned relationship keeping the spark of new love, even if it’s been going strong more than a decade! A wedding celebrates a union; a renewal celebrates growth, commitment and continuing love. And that is something to bring families together and sing about! Selena… […]

The romantic billow of Spanish moss over a Florida wedding ceremony is as timeless as a southern ghost story, and Highland Manor is a historic beaut… complete with a haunted get-ready room! (Seriously, I checked all my images for paranormal activity. See any?)

So Kraft Azalea Gardens in Winter Park, Florida had quite an ethereal appeal after hurricane Matthew. The moss-strewn gardens quite wonderfully enhanced this romantic atmosphere! Looking forward to Jennifer and Matt’s December wedding!

TJ and Brittney were part of a production design to realize a nerdy dream. Both are huge Marvel fans. Both enjoy junk-yarding (like antiquing? it’s a thing!). They recently got married and weren’t ecstatic about the photos taken by another photographer, so we decided to make a second photo excursion much more personally rewarding — by designing a fully… […]

My sister, Melissa, at Paper Truly is truly rolling out some one-of-a-kind invitations this year, and I’m agog because I get to be her product photographer! First up is so fitting given my ease of access to Disney: the Fairytale Wedding Invitation. Remember the giant storybook which invited us to the classic Disney fairytale films? This piece… […]

Many of my colleagues are rebranding their businesses these days. Is it just a change in trends? Change of technology and form of expression? Change of mood and approach to our businesses? Yes to all, really. As a photographer, being my brand is just as important as showing the best of my abilities. Being my brand is essentially putting… […]