Shannon & Andrew’s Dark Magic Halloween Elopement

This article was just published on Offbeat Bride! Wand waving, Deathly Hallows, thestrals, ghosting, invisible antics, magic potions… it was a unique shot list for Shannon and Andrew, whose fantastic hearts run dark and beautiful. Keeping their original wedding date on Halloween, it turned out a great thing 2020 whittled their big day into this private elopement. Their small ceremony was surrounded by magic… which could in no way have been accomplished so thoroughly on a normal wedding day’s schedule. The excitement and fantasy of this occasion has given them life this dreary year.

Addams-Family-like Magnolia Plantation Bed and Breakfast in Gainesville, FL was the perfect haunting ground for their ceremony and magic elopement with so much variety between fountains, gardens and hedgerows, to bridges and historic buildings which are [probably] haunted. The full moon even landed right in place for them. Always!

Shannon’s tulle bridal cape is an Imágemária original designed according to her Maleficent / Deathly Hallows inspired style (now available and customizable on Etsy).

And here’s a first! They got to read spells from their Spellbook Album, which was a prop for this occasion, but will soon become their actual wedding album. Very much looking forward to storing all their Horcruxes.

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For more magic with these two, check out their magic engagement session at the Wizarding World!

Imágemária is currently booking weddings (and magic weddings) in central Florida, and creating books and fashion worldwide.

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  • Denise Hiser says:

    These pictures are beautiful and magical. It was my sons wedding to beautiful Shannon. The way you captured everything detail and the shots where Shannon had vanished are remarkable. My son looks Awesome and so happy for him. They are true soulmates and thank you for capturing this wonderful occasion.
    Denise Hiser

  • Todd Hiser says:

    Omg these are the most magical and beautiful wedding pictures I’ve ever seen.

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