Nerdy Wedding Invitations That Will Win Your Internet Today

If you’re looking for remarkable wedding invitations and you’re a fan of anything offbeat, cinematic, geeky or ingenious, this blog is probably going to win your internet today. Visit the links to each invitation to see more pieces, more angles and close ups, and to get a price quote from Paper Truly.

If I hadn’t seen this first one going together in Melissa’s head, and actually helped assemble some of these at one point, this would have broke the internet for me the day I stumbled upon it. Romance Managed, a Marauder’s Map (ala Harry Potter) themed wedding invitation. Check out the detail! This girl can replicate movie props! A must if you’re a Potter fan or if you just love movie props. Or old awesome maps. Or magic. Or intricate package design.

Nerdy Wedding Invitations

If you don’t need something so elaborate but still want that Potteresque appeal, how about a Hogwarts acceptance letter invitation? The Loviosa Letter Wedding invitation. Classy!

Harry Potter Letter Wedding Invitation

Speaking of magic, what if a Disney storybook invited guests to your big day? The Fairytale invitation will do just that, cordial as royalty. You can tell your personal story just like the iconic storybook at the beginning of the classic Disney fairytale films. This is the invitation I actually took to meet the real Cinderella at Disney’s Magic Kingdom to model for us. Cinderella-approved!

Nerdy Wedding Invitations

Are you ready to die? Clasp your heart right now, because this is the One True Invitation. Tolkien. Yes! A Lord of the Rings inspired wedding invitation. If you’re a LOTR nut, this is your quest. I mean, that beautiful vellum leaf needs to be framed and put somewhere in my house. Or I could wrap favors with it. Tolkien would also make a sweet introduction to a Celtic themed wedding. Also available as a party invitation.

Nerdy Wedding Invitations

Did you just die again? I did. Because Indiana Jones is my all time hero. Choose Wisely is a grail diary themed wedding invitation, and get this — it was originally designed for a couple who had their event at the Natural Museum of History… wait for it… when the Indiana Jones exhibit was there! They’re my heroes. This artifact could be yours! Are you attending? Yes: That’s the cup of a carpenter… or No: I’m not a historian. Well that’s ok, because you don’t have to be one to appreciate this antiquity.

Nerdy Wedding Invitations

Here’s another one I just want to hang in my house just because. Never Say Die is a Goonies inspired party invitation which can be easily be adapted to a wedding invitation. It’s so perfect for a pirate themed party or shower. I credit the inspiration here to that time in college Melissa and I hosted a Goonies movie night inside of a storm water runoff drain. “It’s our time down here!”

Nerdy Wedding Invitations

Any rabid gamers out there? I mean, board gamers? Pocket Monopoly is something you should check out. It’s a board game customized with your specific wedding details. If you’re a nerd about board or card gaming, Melissa also creates totally custom orders, and let me tell you, creating something authentic and awesome is what gets her going in the morning, so shoot her a request and your custom-made geeky wedding invitation is just a brainstorm away.

Nerdy Wedding Invitations

All of Melissa’s offbeat and custom themed wedding invitations will be featured here as she creates new ones. If you prefer a more traditional wedding invitation, she does those too, and they look amazing! See more at She also designs save the dates, ceremony programs and reception signage.


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