Lightner Museum Ghost Town Wedding | St. Augustine Florida

Long walks down haunted avenues, occasional magic, and “spirited” gatherings for Neil and Ashley on their wedding day. When COVID-19 became the unwelcome entity, the oldest [most haunted] city in the nation literally became a ghost town. Yet, they were determined to marry this day, and with a fast-paced unraveling of Coronavirus events, almost all of their wedding services were able to hop a day earlier to enable this wedding before the shut down of St. Augustine. The beautiful Lightner Museum courtyard seated less than half their expected guests, witness to a smiling Ashley coming down the aisle in a vintage third-generation wedding dress previously worn by both her mother and grandmother. Their reception venue no longer available due to the closure of bars, their celebration shifted to the homey interior of a historic Air Bnb. Pushing furniture to the walls, the living room became the dance floor. We must have picked up some happy spirits at the haunted Lighthouse Park… nothing but good energy this day!

Special Shout Out to these vendors:

Ashley Barksdale – Wedding Coordinator at The Wedding Authority

The Lightner Museum

Ruben Jackson – DJ @dj4beadz

Lane & Chelsea Davis – Officiants @chacheedavis

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  • Margaret Knox says:

    Oh my gosh!! So beautiful! Full of imagination! Ashley and Neil got the right photographer! Got tears in my eyes looking at these!

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