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I’ve enjoyed watching this little one grow! Now he’s one, and getting more mobile and hands-on in his own world is so exciting to follow with him. Between ages one and three is my favorite time for capturing a child’s world from the way they see it. They have more freedom and ability to explore, and every little thing is interesting. If we’re open, allowing them to take us on that journey with them opens us up to kid psyche, and that is just as enriching. I’m a huge proponent of lifestyle family portraiture, particularly in their own comfortable surroundings, because letting your child guide the action really keeps them in their best interest and opens you to their world from the floor up. Which is fun! And inspiring. I love parent bonding time, when mom reads a book and dad wrestles on the bed. Your favorite memories of your kid honestly happen at home — always — not during golden hour at some popular park. Enjoy some highlights from a tour of Sam’s World.

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