Hard Days Night Beatles Birthday Wolftever Creek Greenway


“When I’m hommme, feeling you holding me tiiiight, tiiiiight yeah!” This was a hit from the start… the invitation was an audio recording on vinyl! A record of five year old birthday girl Olivia singing her favorite Beatles song “A Hard Day’s Night” to invite guests to this Beatles themed party celebrating our collective fall birthdays. Melissa and Jon (Paper Truly), pooled their talents for all of this to Come Together. Melissa hand made four Hard Day’s Night inspired suits for her family to wear, and yeah! yeah! yeah! what a gear fam band they make! Jon created the audio recordings and brought two of his own guitars for a performance in the field, where they played their own version of Helter Skelter, accompanied by Olivia’s head banging and two year old James’ ukulele strumming. The Apple doesn’t fall far with creativity and music in this family.

Guests were encouraged to dress in theme. Grandma, Grandpa and aunt did a Three Cool Cats group costume which won Olivia’s pick for best costume. My son was Blackbird in a home made bird hood, and I was the “pretty nurse selling poppies from a tray” from Penny Lane. (<– Yes that’s the original music video, give it a watch if you’d like to see the Beatles riding horses through Penny Lane.)

Thank you on behalf of the band, and I hope we passed the audition.

Hard Days Night Suit Fab cake design by Dawn Gibson!


P.S. Sir Paul McCartney was mailed an invitation to this event, for the record. (For the record! I hope he plays it.) If you can’t get enough of Paul like we can’t get enough of Paul, have him answer some of your most frequently Googled questions about Paul McCartney.

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