Halloween Costume Archives

Halloween is a nerd’s paradise. It’s so much more than a kids’ holiday. It’s a stage for creativity, make-believe and expressive crafting. Halloween is my favorite holiday in the least mainstream way, and that’s how I came to this annual Halloween self portrait which ever pushes into new realms of whimsical portraiture. My love of the macabre has now got to the point that I’m designing year round fashion in Halloween themes, concepting my costumes, in many cases, as early as spring. Seriously. I’ve long time loved the art of spook, pondering the paranormal, the strange and unusual… all of which are Usual year round for me.

In love of costuming, behold: the archive of all my best Halloween costumes. Also included are Halloween-like costumes I’ve created for Dapper Days, because Dapper Day and Halloween have started merging for me.

Happy Spooking!

Mad Scientist, Halloween 2018.

Nightmare Before Christmas Costume

Tim Burtoned myself, including fashion themes from Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands and The Corpse Bride, Hallowen 2017.

Edward Scissorhands

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Ravenclaw Student, for a visit to the Wizarding World. Relevant.

Metropolis Costume

Robot from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927), Halloween 2016. Visibility reduced to pencil pokes in that mask. Silver suit enhanced with hand made armor and mask.

Smooth Criminal Costume

My son as Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson, and (non-zombie) Thriller Michael Jackson, Halloween 2016. I made the red jacket. Isn’t he the cutest little MJ? He had a Michael Jackson themed birthday party that year, it was so rad.

Michael Jackson Birthday PartyMichael Jackson ThemeCookie Monster Costume

Cookie Monster (eating an apple, see what I did there?), for my niece’s Muppet themed birthday party, 2016. It was epic!

Joan Jett Costume

Joan Jett, Halloween 2015. And the best part of digital art is my imaginary wig shop. It’s called Photoshop.

Severed girl in the afterlife waiting room from Beetlejuice. I had two costumes that year, sometimes one is not enough. This was the year I made my family participate in my Beetlejuice dinner party video.

Orlando Offbeat Wedding Photographer

Bride of Frankenstein and my son as Dr. Frankenstein, Halloween 2013. Repurposed a sheer curtain and really tried with that hair. Works best in horror lighting!

Babies in horror-angle lighting, ha!


Yes when it comes to Halloween, ideas run rampant. An official month of Halloween is not enough.


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