Fleur Delacour Inspired Black and White Wedding Dress

Fleur Delacour’s wedding dress (of Harry Potter fame) was the inspiration behind this thematic alteration of a donation bridal gown: black peacock lace on a short-trained white lace gown, and the peacock heads land perfectly on-bust. They look amazing on a sweetheart neck lined with scalloped eyelash lace.

The silhouettes I considered for this alteration project ranged from a short flared 1950’s style to a long, Victorian-bustled look. A fusion of both started taking shape when I decided a short front hem with the original train length would stun with these lace boots by House of Elliot. (Ok yes, I designed around the boots, but even a vintage stiletto would make this skirt shape sing.) And for my fellow Halloween-all-year friends, a spot of orange alongside is especially delicious at sunrise. Scope out two antique black and orange hair pieces by Vintage Adornments throughout!

The Sweetheart Fleur dress is now available for sale at Imágemária on Etsy for $800.

Snag a $100 discount only through private purchase when you mention this blog. Contact me!

Model’s measurements: 42″ bust – 37″ waist – 47″ hips.

This dress comes only in one size.

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Making Of

This dress came to me as a donation piece to get creative with. I don’t really take bridal alterations, but oh — if I grasp an idea for a thematic alteration? I’m all atop adding character to a fancy piece to make it really something unique. Check the before and after! I had a lot of ideas for what this dress could become. I decided on the Fleur motif as black and white is a popularly classic alternative gown style, nerds are always looking for subtle ways to put Harry Potter into their weddings, and who doesn’t love a little peacock lace? Process to product below, from smoothing out that unfavorable waistline to dyeing these peacock laces (the peacock bust pieces are from Beauty Fabric on Etsy, the skirt feather lace is from Fabric Trims.

Original dress as donated to me.

Finding a repeatable, design-sensible pattern inside a mass of lace is a whole math.

Spatial reasoning, right? 

Fabric from the original sleeves went into smoothing out the waist seam.

My first time bustling! This was fun to figure out how cinching up the black design would fall when the skirt was shortened by bustling. There are 3 bustle points easily located by buttons on the underside of the skirt. I like how those wispy peacock feather spears trail to the sides of the center bustle’s triangle shape.

Thematic alterations like this are sort of one-off projects I begin as I obtain pieces that beg for better design, and they are single pieces in only one size. If you’d like something custom made, I cannot work with strict deadlines due to all my other photo and handmade work, but let’s chat!


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