Significant questions to ask any photographer you’re considering!


Q – How long have you been doing weddings?
A – Since 2008! Just threw myself in. I’m adventurous, and I loved the potential. So here I am, continually pushing the bar.


Q – How many weddings do you shoot in an average year? In a month? In a weekend?
A – I shoot 15-20 weddings in a year, typically limit to 2 per month, and only one per weekend. If I shoot too many, each one feels less personal, and that personalness is what gets you the most unique vision into your day.


Q – What degrees, certifications or awards do you hold?
A – My degree is in Mass Media Communication from Missouri State University (2005). I studied photography, filmmaking and screenwriting. I won The Knot’s Best Of Weddings for years 2013-2015.


Q – What’s the most difficult challenge you’ve ever had to resolve when working with clients?
A – These days the biggest challenge I’m facing is convincing clients that digital products are not permanent, and educating them on the value of purchasing products you can archive and hold in your hand. It’s challenging to educate clients on technology and it’s fallacies because I don’t speak Future Binary. Assisting clients with creating prints and products in a timely manner before technology inevitably fudges something up is something I try very hard to be on top of. I see it as a print it now or miss it later sort of deal. It’s my responsibility to ensure memories are documented well and not lost into a cloud of corruption.


Q – What’s the most difficult photographic challenge you’ve ever had? Ever had equipment malfunction?
A – There are always those scenes with terrible lighting or some sort of photographer restrictions, but solving problems and making chicken soup out of chicken poop is part of the thrill of it all. I always enjoy a challenge, and the opportunity to accept it and try new things makes me better at my craft. Never had a terrible equipment malfunction… that’s what backups are for!


Q – What equipment do you use? Do you have backup equipment?
A – I currently shoot with Nikons D800 and 700, and two or three speedlight flashes. I always bring stands and spotlights to use when needed. Yes to backups: Necessary.


Q – What happens if you can’t shoot? Do you have a backup photographer?
A – I have backup photographers who can cover in my place, and you can meet with one (should you need to) on request if the emergency or time permits.


Q – Can I see some of your client work from one entire event?
A – Sure can! Since client galleries are private and password protected, you’ll need to request permission to access. I’d love to show you something I’ve shot which resembles your wedding style or locales.


Q – Is this your full time job?
A – Yep! And I’m committed to making every client experience exceptional. I went full time in November 2011 and have never looked back! *shaking fist at Corporate*


Q – What are your interests outside of photography?
A – I love sci-fi movies, making movie props, exploring caves, being outside and sitting at cool coffee shops just for their atmospheres. I also sew and have my own Etsy shop for nerdy themed veils and capes. I love retro clothing, and anything that makes me feel like I’m not living in this decade. An occasional existential or philosophical conversation is nice. Check About Me for more on what I’m into.


Q – What sets you apart from other photographers?
A – I think what endears me to most is my attitude and my general respect and devotion towards individuals. Plus I’m weird, and surprisingly, most personalities jive with that. Go figure. I go out of my way to make things easy for people. I think people appreciate my authenticity and my sense of style. I’ve always incorporated a personalized flair with everything I provide to my clients, whether it’s catering my creative style to their comfort zone, designing their products without templates, offering to meet at their event venues for consultations, or providing in-home consultations. I like the easy button.


Q – What are your turnaround times for images? For products?
A – Image turnaround is about 2 weeks after your wedding date (you may see a sneak peek sooner), sometimes less if it’s a slower season. Print orders expect 3-5 business days. The lengthy part of the album process is however long it takes you to choose and submit to me all the images you want. After I have your image choices, it takes me less than a week to design an album. After design, album production is about a week.


Q – How long do you keep my images on file?
A – I have a 2 year image guarantee. After that, it’s up to the fate of the future of technology. I don’t trust technology. That being said, I schedule time to ensure that prints and albums are created within the year following your event.


Q – What print quality can I expect from images I can download from my viewing galleries?
A – Downloaded images are jpegs at 200 dpi with the long side at 2000 pixels. You can properly print up to an 8×12 with this resolution. Anything sized up larger than that will lose quality, so I recommend you order larger items through me. Downloaded images for web will have a watermark. You get all the digital files unmarked and super high res if you’d like to add that onto your package, OR after I’ve completed your album. I give you permission to print from your digital files as long as you do not affect the artistic merit of the image. I provide print permission forms for you to show a retail printer if asked. Prints ordered from me include complimentary fine-tuned retouching.


Q – Are you licensed and insured?
A – Yes, fully licensed in the state of Florida and insured via Professional Photographers of America (liability and equipment coverage). My business license or proof of insurance can be provided upon request.


Q – How many images do I receive versus how many you shoot?
A – You receive all images shot, except the ones where someone jumped in the way or duplicate shots while I was getting the lighting right, because… why do you want those? Average image count for an 8 hour wedding is usually over 1200 images. No maximum, no minimum. I don’t count or reduce the batch to highlights cuz… that takes too much brain power.


Q – How many locations can I have covered on my wedding day? Is there a fee?

A – As many as will fit into your coverage. There is no fee for my travel to different sites throughout the wedding day. Also, no travel fees for destination weddings!


Q – What forms of payment do you accept?
A – Most clients pay by check in person or by mail. I also accept credit card payments in person or by phone.


Q – Can I share my wedding images online?
A – Definitely! All packages come with a complimentary private viewing gallery. I also post a few teaser images to social media before your gallery is ready, and you’ll get a nice, shiny blog of highlights to share. Join Manda Marie Photography on Facebook to see some sneak peeks of client work!


Q – Is there a military discount?
A – Yes, I offer a discount when a military ID is shown. This discount cannot be used in addition with any other discounts or special deals and is applied only upon request. The amount awarded for this discount depends on your package total.


Q – Is there a discount for week day events or weddings held during off season?
A – No. I travel and climates vary, so there is no “off season”, really!


Still have questions? Let’s delve! Contact me so I may assist you further.