Epcot Dapper Day Disney World Spring 2019

Hey I’m Manda! This is my third Dapper Day roaming Disney doing free portraits for these amazing people at their creative and fashionable finest. Gosh, there are so many outstanding elements to Dapper Day. Wow! People are so creative and talented! Many of them create their own fashions or hunt down authentically vintage pieces to make their themes work. And as I’ve learned, Dapper Day also marks a big achievement for many; a creative accomplishment, an anniversary, a celebration of self no matter how old or what size. These are things I love and appreciate so much about people. Celebrating whole selves is how I’ve grown as a photographer. Besides the occasional magic I add to a portrait, I don’t alter people from their natural selves. This is their skin: their freckles, their wrinkles, their size. I encourage confidence. This is my celebration of people, embracing them as they are and telling them with a portrait: “Love the skin you’re in. You are as amazing as you feel.” It shows.

I dappered this time as Audrey Hepburn from Roman Holiday. He’s no Gregory Peck, but Kermit The Frog is a pretty sweet date. It’s cheesy being green!

Enjoy these images from Epcot’s Spring 2019 Dapper Day.

Disney Dapper DayThe Dapper Day Photographer Disney Dapper Day Disney Dapper Day Disney Dapper Day Disney Wedding Photographer

If you’d like to catch me at a future Dapper Day, follow my Facebook Page! The event in which I give details on how to find me is always posted there a couple months before Dapper Day.


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