Dapper Day Fall 2019 | Hollywood Studios

Double Feature: Golden Era Hollywood meets All the Star Wars Nerds. I’ve been waiting for this! So excited about Fall 2019’s Dapper Day at Hollywood Studios Disney World. So many amazing people! Hollywood was also the perfect opportunity for me to experiment more with Remembrance Portraits; a few lucky draws won 3 dappers the opportunity to be in a vintage portrait with their Hollywood idols. Be on the lookout for cameos from Grace Kelly, Theda Bara and Elvis! Classy day and the best time people watching.

To catch me at future Dapper Days please follow me on social @imagemariastudio.

  The Dapper Day Photographer

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  • LaNay Rodriguez says:

    OMG! Each one is more fabulous than the next!! Thank you for this beautiful gift of your time, your talent, your artistry, and of yourself! It is not everyday someone is given the gift of seeing themselves in the pbesycway possible. ♡

  • Lynette Phelane says:

    What a nice surprise to see Ray & Joanie in your pictures! They both have been so nice to me. Sometime back I shared with the D3 group that you would be taking terrific pictures at DDays and I encouraged all to look you up. As always your pictures are amazing and each one unique.

  • Rafael A. Castillo says:

    Wonderful work as always Manda. I’m glad I ran into you. May I have or purchase a digital copy of my image?

  • Erin says:

    Beautiful as always

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