Dapper Day 2018 Epcot Disney World

Disney World hosts two Dapper Day weekends a year, in spring and fall. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a themed excuse for classy people to dress up however they interpret “dapper”, and that’s 90% of the fun of this event. Please note that none of those pictured here are performers, that I’m aware. They’re just superfun people who eat this stuff up. I love photographing how unique individuals express themselves, it’s one thing that drives me as a photographer. As a daily vintage-leaning dame, I don’t know how I hadn’t before attended a Disney Dapper Day. This was my first! So I figured hey, some photojournalism of classy peeps being their class-ified selves around and about Epcot’s World Showcase sounded like a grand ol’ time indeed. I absolutely must add that some of my favorite shots here were in Italy. There’s something nostalgic about 1940’s Italy, although I obviously have never been, ha!

I created a free portrait event on Facebook, some hunted me down in the park to get photos, but I found it easiest to just walk up to dames and dudes and ask for portraits. They were all obliging, with curtsies and hat-tips. Everyone got free photo downloads. Those who walked with me a little longer got some engagement style and candid portraits, and those were so much fun.

I had such a great time talking about fashion, vintage things, obscure references to films and how to keep cool in tulle. (Spoiler: You can’t.) Enjoy my perspective of Dapper Day 2018! (And yes that is myself as Dapper Vader in a hand made Vader belt. Come to the Dark Side… we have cortados!)

Disney Dapper Day Disney Dapper Day Disney Dapper Day Disney Dapper Day Epcot Italy

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  • Anindeep Kar says:


  • J Correnti says:

    Fun times!

  • Dawn says:

    Gorgeous photos! We had some done at Disney Springs that we’re lovely as well

  • Cricket says:

    I have always wanted to do this event. Looking at your photos has put the cherry on my dapper day sunday. I have to do this. It looks like it would be so much fun. The photos are great. You made me smile and want to be a part of it. Love it.

  • Julie Ellis says:

    Love the pictures. We will hope to see you for some fun pictures of us. The Dapper Day schedule says Magic Kingdom form 3 to close. Is that your time frame?

    • admin says:

      Hi Julie! Dapper Day Nov 17th, 2018 I will be at Magic Kingdom from 10-4pm. You’ll find the map of my roving schedule in the event I’ve created on my Facebook Page at facebook.com/mandamariephoto. Hope to see you! – Manda

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