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Take me away, I don’t mind… but you better promise me I’ll be back in tiiime! Amanda & Abraham celebrate BTTF love on two occasions! Soda shop George McFly and Lorraine Baines for Dapper Day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and a night out in Enchantment Under the Sea fashion at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort. All shot… […]

Yes, you can take Dr. Who and Dungeons and Dragons to Epcot. Manda is currently booking Florida weddings and engagements! Come chat to design your photo adventure.

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Truly remarkable are photo experiences which see people through spiritual awakening or which initiate causes for humans (and animals), and which assist in mind/body healing. I love that so much and aspire for photography to help more individuals towards realization. I invited Energy Healer Marie Autiello to tell her own story here, highlighted with images… […]

This was my first trip to England, and in 9 days we saw all of these highlights without too much rush, so I’d recommend these stops if you’re planning a similar trip! Buckingham Palace Every morning at 10:45am is the changing of the guard. Can you imagine this on your front lawn every morning? The… […]