Orlando Engagement Vintage WWII Theme

These two have developed a love beyond their years… so beyond, it took us to WWII era to better express that longing which comes with a long distance relationship, and the beauty of homecoming. Andrew grew up in Kaiserslautern, Germany and is now working toward his pilot’s license. Vanessa grew up in Massachusetts, has an interest in French history, and is studying journalism. She and myself, having always felt passions for writing and storytelling, were immediately engaged in the generation of this story to express their experience in portraits. Their real life story translates so well into one of war-torn lovers in the 1940s, so we brought Andrew from Germany to meet Vanessa in France for this truly vintage styled portrait session.

Orlando Wedding Photographer Vintage Engagement Session

KC Union Station Retro Train Portrait Typewriter CameraManda Marie Kar

Photojournalist | Thematic Designer


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