Van Gogh, Ghosts and Magic | Eureka Springs Wedding

Starry Night, ghost tours, magic rocks and haunted hotels to spark a few highlights of this relationship. Eureka Springs, Arkansas was the perfect setting for Janis and Oscar to celebrate with wedding portraits as this town has all of that packed into a gorgeously winding little historic space filled with places of intrigue. These two got to know each other over art, many of their own paintings line the walls of their home. On the ride in to this adventure, they shared with me their stories of hauntings, ghost sightings and psychic meetings. Love me a good duo up for ghost tourin’. We toured town, then did a little ghost hunting at America’s most haunted hotel, the Crescent Hotel. All in all, a magical mystery tour!

A little sparkle thanks to the wares at Crystal Waters crystal shop. And sometimes I do hair! It turned out cute! Now that is a Morticia and Gomez right there. Real world, real couple romantic dip.Crescent Hotel Eureka SpringsThe most ghastly thing I noticed here was the lobby armchair covered in curious flies. Is there something in this armchair? What do these flies want? The Crescent Hotel is an actively haunted site. Ghost sightings seem to center around specific spots and particular times of the day or night. We unfortunately didn’t pass through any of that ecto, but exploring this hotel was fantastic!

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