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Come to Grimmauld Place. We have unicorns, tapestries and hidden alchemy inside the Black Family Tree. This original blouse design was such a labor of love of all things authentically Medieval, witchcrafty, Harry Potterish, and Sirius Black. The design is inspired twofold by the Black Family Tree and also by historic unicorn tapestries, the intricacy of which I completely love. If you look very close you’ll learn this is not a copy of the Family Tree, but a flourishing of the Tree into an extensive design which has replaced faces with herbal and spice names (in Latin) upon floating banners. Where once was a crest and shield now rests an apple-shaped ouroboros reproduced from historic illuminated manuscript. I love it so much. If you love that intricate, green branchy nature of the Black Family Tree mixed with authentic Medieval vibes, you’ll want to wear this with everything. The design is also available on full dresses, cloaks, menswear and other fine things, making their way to my Etsy shop as I can get to fancy photography for them all.

You can find the full Tree Tapestry blouse-and-skirt ensemble only in my Etsy shop.
More clothing styles available in the “Tree Tapestry” print and other wizarding motifs in my Le Galeriste shop.

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Manda is an Orlando based fantasy portrait and wedding photographer who also designs fantasy fashion.

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