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Yes, you can take Dr. Who and Dungeons and Dragons to Epcot. Manda is currently booking Florida weddings and engagements! Come chat to design your photo adventure.

“Two Ravenclaws walk into an Edgar Allan Poe story…” is how the landscape was lain for this very off-the-beaten-path, “The Raven” inspired, ’til death do us part‘ themed elopement event. Tyler and Alexandria become Edgar and Virginia in this detailed storyline with historic merit. Authentic to the Victorian timescape, this event was entirely window-lit at… […]

When you love a person this much for all their nerdy and sweet qualities, you just have to let the nerd flag fly on your wedding day. I’ll encourage that! Misha and Wyatt already had a wedding photographer, but they hired me for a single hour of nerd magic portraits to portray each of their… […]

Amorous Totalus! …among other spells these two made at each other as they wand-waved through Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade to celebrate their 5 year wedding anniversary. Jared proposed to Ashley on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, the Hogwarts ride at the Wizarding World in Orlando, and since then they have been keeping the magic alive.… […]

These two have developed a love beyond their years… so beyond, it took us to WWII era to better express that longing which comes with a long distance relationship, and the beauty of homecoming. Andrew grew up in Kaiserslautern, Germany and is now working toward his pilot’s license. Vanessa grew up in Massachusetts, has an… […]

Beautiful views ahead for the future of Shonte and Bo as they tied the knot at Sanctuary Ridge Golf Club. With their children as their best men and women at the altar, this wedding day was brimming with tears, sweet moves and family love. Congratulations!

The romantic billow of Spanish moss over a Florida wedding ceremony is as timeless as a southern ghost story, and Highland Manor is a historic beaut… complete with a haunted get-ready room! (Seriously, I checked all my images for paranormal activity. See any?)

Unless you’re making art, “trashing the dress” is wasteful and I demand that we trash trashing dresses. Let’s positively move toward alterations, yeah? If you’ve never owned a wedding gown, altering a vintage gown or even a prom dress would be a unique, cost effective alternative. A capital idea, especially for a vow renewal! I never ever envisioned… […]

Antje and Hytham have set the bar with client preferences: Personality. I’m so very glad Antje happened to be my notary at the bank that day, because covering her wedding gave me all these amazingly emotive images: dancing in the wind (her preferred bridal portrait), callouts to her amazing heels, her kitties, her purples, her poof! (the dress), dancing over… […]

This delightful spring wedding was the perfect mix of art and subtle offbeat, with succulents and soft lavenders… and Mayan temples. Seriously! I had discussions with guests on how sweet an Indiana Jones wedding would be if held here. If only! (And if you’re a browsing bride and I just gave you that idea and you… […]