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I don’t always blog family portrait sessions, but when I do it’s the Shaconder family with their production of: How To Do A Portrait Session Scene One: Bring treats. Catering is a must for performers. Scene Two: On cue, unleash the kids, unscripted. (A. Energetic portraits, B. Energy Usage before portrait posing) Scene Three: “It’s… […]

Foster parenting isn’t for everyone, but most definitely it is for people with super large hearts. Nathanael and Anna are those people,  and I’m lucky to have been invited to be part of their family dynamic. Not a lot of photographers will honestly tell you they enjoy posing families, but this one will tell you posing isn’t… […]

I am 100% in favor of families being outdoors for portraits. I’m 110% in favor of families doing activities together to serve as a natural backdrop for capturing their family spirit. Irene and Caleb have imbibed the spirit of adventure into their children, so a hands-on cave adventure was a hands-down decision for this family. A spelunk-aholic… […]

Maternity portraits right in your own home is such an endearing way to celebrate how mom and dad lived together before the little one arrives. A quick check on baby’s kicks while hanging out in the kitchen, a peek inside the nursery, and this little canine popping in here and there to give a baby bump nuzzle.… […]

The conceptuals for this session began with an elaborate studio-style truffula tree for us to pose baby Elliot atop, among other items in his Dr. Seuss themed room. Also, Elliot’s daddy is a firefighter, so we considered nestling him in boots and gear. Then I decided to make this more personal. I’m not a babies-in-things, prim… […]