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Little Luke was close enough to being a Halloween baby! I think this gorgeous fall day really brought out the best in him. We explored, tippy-toed around with mom and dad, then discovered that ice cream tastes better than wood and leaves. Hooray!

Seven kids, two mommies, two daddies, a fun space to play in… and portrait time!

Olivia’s favorite Muppet is Ernie, so her mother created an Olivia-style Ernie dress just for her, then designed a Muppet themed birthday party to go with it. If you know much about my twin sister and I, you’ll know that we typically don’t carry out an idea unless it’s going to be epic and detailed. When… […]

What’s a penny-farthing? This all over! The challenge, the fun and the trying to understand what 1871 was thinking when this crazy bicycle was invited. When the marvelous opportunity came along with this penny-farthing (a vintage replica supplied by Wheelworks in Winter Garden), we couldn’t pass up this adventure, which doubled as a product shoot for Paper Truly’s Daily Proposal,… […]

So Kraft Azalea Gardens in Winter Park, Florida had quite an ethereal appeal after hurricane Matthew. The moss-strewn gardens quite wonderfully enhanced this romantic atmosphere! Looking forward to Jennifer and Matt’s December wedding!

The dock, the moss, a hint of tree climbin’. Jessie just shines!

September 24th, 2016. Alison and Albert each such a unique soul. United, a couple in a million. Everything wonderful about each of their personalities came together so nicely for this charming wedding day. Easy going, adventurous, campy (a bonfire!), a bow and arrow, and even their fur babies made a cameo at their sunset ceremony. Some surprise hot… […]

Happy second birthday, Olivia! This girl is a creative cat, just like her momma (who turned Olivia’s own crayon scribble into a custom-made birthday dress)! Colors, crayons, kids and scribbling was what this party was all about. Covering the tables with scribble-encouraging paper was a hit for everyone! They all got to design their own party hats… […]

If you’re wondering why my son is taking a paint brush to that fantastically illustrated treasure map, it’s because he’s designing it. Treasure Ace is a pirate-plunder themed board game my son and I created and designed ourselves, entirely from scratch. It was our summer boredom project. We started with sketches on acetate atop the kitchen table, and it grew… […]