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A Mad Hatter approved champagne toast and a twilight dance through pixie dust is what I envisioned for this wish upon a star, and it came true when Christie and Matt decided their 13th wedding anniversary would become a Disney themed vow renewal at Port Orleans French Quarter Resort. As you view these images, search for references to… […]

When you spend every weekend together at Epcot, you’d probably do your engagement session there too!

A gentle touch and a taste for crunchy leaves, this wonder woman has a courageous spirit!

I am 100% in favor of families being outdoors for portraits. I’m 110% in favor of families doing activities together to serve as a natural backdrop for capturing their family spirit. Irene and Caleb have imbibed the spirit of adventure into their children, so a hands-on cave adventure was a hands-down decision for this family. A spelunk-aholic… […]

The day my son Moonwalked across my heart was the day he told me Smooth Criminal and Shake Your Body were his favorite songs. You expose your kid to stuff you love… sometimes they move on from it. But sometimes they run with it, making a double helix of connection because you both see a wavelength out to its… […]

December 10th was a postcard-perfect Floridian fall day for Jen and Matt to get married. Groomsmen initiated events with a round of Settlers of Catan, the outdoor ceremony was absolutely gorgeous and we had sunset photos in a delicate breeze on the green. Plum and lavender-tinged, everything turned out so beautifully! Vendors are credited below.   See… […]

From Tom and Katie’s front-yard first look to the zany father-daughter dance which invited everyone to the dance floor… what a blast at this shindig! It was an honor and such a delight to get to know Katie and Tom as this event brewed. Such a wonderful couple! I also now enjoy some nostalgia in working with their families. Tom… […]

Miss Delilah is a Halloween baby! To her that means the warm snugglies of crisp autumn and Halloween fun. To us that means this boo-tiful babe and her big personality in these gourd-geous portraits!

Maternity portraits right in your own home is such an endearing way to celebrate how mom and dad lived together before the little one arrives. A quick check on baby’s kicks while hanging out in the kitchen, a peek inside the nursery, and this little canine popping in here and there to give a baby bump nuzzle.… […]