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Halloween is a nerd’s paradise. It’s so much more than a kids’ holiday. It’s a stage for creativity, make-believe and expressive crafting. Halloween is my favorite holiday in the least mainstream way, and that’s how I came to this annual Halloween self portrait which ever pushes into new realms of whimsical portraiture. My love of… […]

A Mad Hatter approved champagne toast and a twilight dance through pixie dust is what I envisioned for this wish upon a star, and it came true when Christie and Matt decided their 13th wedding anniversary would become a Disney themed vow renewal at Port Orleans French Quarter Resort. As you view these images, search for references to… […]

So, you haven’t done Star Wars Day… You just haven’t done Star Wars Day until you’ve done it at Disney… where you can meet Chewbacca, get hassled by stormtroopers and wield a light saber in its natural environment. Photographing kids at Disney is the best way to get into their worlds, it’s one of my favorite things! And… […]