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From Tom and Katie’s front-yard first look to the zany father-daughter dance which invited everyone to the dance floor… what a blast at this shindig! It was an honor and such a delight to get to know Katie and Tom as this event brewed. Such a wonderful couple! I also now enjoy some nostalgia in working with their families. Tom… […]

Maternity portraits right in your own home is such an endearing way to celebrate how mom and dad lived together before the little one arrives. A quick check on baby’s kicks while hanging out in the kitchen, a peek inside the nursery, and this little canine popping in here and there to give a baby bump nuzzle.… […]

Little Luke was close enough to being a Halloween baby! I think this gorgeous fall day really brought out the best in him. We explored, tippy-toed around with mom and dad, then discovered that ice cream tastes better than wood and leaves. Hooray!

Seven kids, two mommies, two daddies, a fun space to play in… and portrait time!

The dock, the moss, a hint of tree climbin’. Jessie just shines!

September 24th, 2016. Alison and Albert each such a unique soul. United, a couple in a million. Everything wonderful about each of their personalities came together so nicely for this charming wedding day. Easy going, adventurous, campy (a bonfire!), a bow and arrow, and even their fur babies made a cameo at their sunset ceremony. Some surprise hot… […]

If you’re wondering why my son is taking a paint brush to that fantastically illustrated treasure map, it’s because he’s designing it. Treasure Ace is a pirate-plunder themed board game my son and I created and designed ourselves, entirely from scratch. It was our summer boredom project. We started with sketches on acetate atop the kitchen table, and it grew… […]

Soon to be a family of four! Congratulations on the upcoming little girl, Aleen! And kudos to mom for braving maternity portraits just a couple weeks away from due date. She’s gorgeous!

“Great Scott!” said Nicole when she first saw him dressed as a scient– I mean, a blacksmith from 1885. This styled shoot began, honestly, because I wanted to see these two climb on the outside of a steam locomotive. And how! Back to the Future is one of my all time favorite science fiction stories. No… […]