Polk Theatre Wedding | Maggie and Ben | Lakeland FL

A vaudeville and movie palace was the original Polk Theatre built in 1928, and these two were so right to choose this palace to host their vintage movie themed wedding day. Needing no additional decor to make it wedding ready (how can you beat that 1920’s charm?), it had everything they needed to celebrate their love for each other, their history in theater, their vintage vibe, and their love of cinema. They got ready in the same rooms Elvis Presley got ready in for his 1956 performance at the Polk. Maggie had never seen Ben in his uniform. He had not yet seen her in her wedding dress. This most vintageous first look occurred at the box office, when Ben walked up to see her tearing tickets in the ticket booth. Their ticket girls sprinkled tickets down the aisle to a stage setting in a darkened theater for Maggie and Ben’s wedding, followed by a movie viewing reception including clips from their favorite shared moments in cinema: Harry Potter selecting his wand, Audrey Hepburn scootering through Rome, the moment Carl’s home fills with balloons and lifts him off on Ellie’s adventure, Superman soaring through the clouds, the coconut scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Such a wonderful expression of their personalities through film! Everything was so perfect. Congratulations, Maggie and Ben! It was truly an honor to be on this red carpet.

Custom made Matinee Fascinator by Imágemária. In theater seat red velvet! Now available on Etsy. Polk Theatre Lakeland Wedding Polk Theatre Lakeland Wedding Polk Theatre Lakeland Wedding

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  • Janet says:

    What a perfect wedding. It truly told a story. Your Photographs are amazing. Thank you for sharing them. I wish the couple a blessed life together.

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