Orlando Surprise Proposal | Erica and Joseph

Erica and Joe are the type of couple you realize are simply perfect for each other the first time you meet them, which was my experience soon as I did at Epcot’s Dapper Day when they found me to take a few casual vintage portraits in the park, among others. Soon after, Erica took interest in my one-on-one photography lessons, and it so happened that days before our first lesson, Joe contacted me to say he wanted me to photograph a secret proposal he had been planning, which was to occur in a week. So during Erica’s photo lesson my mind was all, “You’re about to get proposed toooooo!”, but covering up the impending excitement with discussions of shutter speeds and f-stops. Proposal day, I met Joe at Erica’s home, had a chance to chat with him about the two of them, and discussed the proposal plan (which was for me to hide behind this bush and photograph her reactions through a strategically plucked hole in the foliage). He sent her on a scavenger hunt all around central Florida, finding envelopes at locations with special references to things they enjoy together, with instructions to the next find. The last one brought her home. The envelope in the mailbox directed her to the back where a path of flower petals lead her to see Joe standing at a decorated arch, and the rest begins here:

Orlando Surprise Proposal

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