Harry Star of Thrones Magic Wedding | 1010 West Orlando

This day is the day Princess Slytherin Leia Daenerys was betrothed in mutual Force, Patronus, fire and ice to Gryffindor Skywalker Tormund. Together with their fandoms I present Georgieanna and Jason, until death by Dementor, lightsaber or battle axe do they part. I’m witness to tell you, my friends, that nerdery is one of the deepest ways in which we form unbreakable bonds. If we can find ourselves through myth and magic, finding our Person along the journey to share the experience, these are certainly matches made in the Stars. This was one of the most seamlessly mixed-theme celebrations I’ve ever seen. What a great job they did infusing fandom motifs, decor and their own unique styles and personalities into all of it.

Raise your butterbeer, blue milk or mead… wands, sabers, swords in the air!

Witches & Wizards who brought it all together:

Venue: 1010 West, Orlando
Viking Hair: Erin Ashli of Suite Rosé Boutique, Winter Park
Minister & Comedian: Adam Avitable of Laugh and Be Married
Wizarding Cakes: Heaven A Cupcake

Unbreakable Vow Orlando Nerd Wedding Orlando Wedding Photographer Harry Potter Photographer

I do casual Magic Sessions around Orlando as well as Magic Weddings nationwide (this was my first with magic!). If you’re interested in a little wand-waving yourself, please don’t hesitate to send me an owl or find me by Floo Network @imagemariastudio.

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